Client Comments/Testimonials

Good Morning Patrick,

First, I would like to say that, even though we lost on November 20, I think you did an absolute fabulous job! I was very, very impressed, to say the least! Thanks for everything!


Patrick, You are the ABSOLUTELY THE GREATEST! I truly do want to thank you for being so patient with me and all my questions. You have already made this a little easier on me with your kindness, patience and understanding. You make this more comfortable for me because you don't seem to judge me as a person. Thanks again and I will talk to you soon.

Signed W.W.

From an expert witness retained to assist in the defense of a client:


I thought that you did a remarkable job and I am extremely proud that I had a chance to work with you. I have NEVER worked with a lawyer who was more thorough and dedicated on a case........ever.

Thanks again for my having the great pleasure of working with you.


Hi Patrick,

I just wanted to drop you a note to express my appreciation for your counsel on my recent OUIL case.  I am confident without your help my situation would have been harsh, with greater consequences.


Thank you for your attention to these matters. I feel well represented.  J. S.

Dear Patrick,

I want to take this time to thank you for the excellent outcome of my case. I really appreciated the way you didn�t back down to the prosecutor, and got me a deal no one could believe, including me. You reassured me when I had doubts and gave me the confidence to face the charges head on and win. I ended up far better than I expected, and will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. 

Forever Grateful,

M. L.

Dear Patrick,

This is a humble, yet passionate "thank you" for your efforts and results on my behalf.  When I first faced my "life altering" challenge, I was frightened and at a loss for how I should proceed.  Thankfully, you were recommended to me.

Your thoughtful and pragmatic approach to my case resulted in a judgment that exceeded my expectations.  You entered the courtroom prepared and confident.  Further, the time you spent with me reviewing your strategy and preparing me for "the process" alleviated much of my anxiety.

Thank you again, for your thoughtful and successful representation.



I'd like to say that I appreciate your desire to represent me. You are tenacious and passionate about your work and you would fight to the end for your client. Thanks again and best regards,


I wanted to thank you for the fine job you did on the case and let you know I was very happy with the outcome, considering the circumstances.


I want to thank you for being a great atty for my son. I do appreciate what you have done and think you won a great case.

Thanks, M. M.-W


I would like to express my sincere thanks with regards to how well you handled my case. I was very impressed and satisfied with every aspect from the initial meeting in your office, to your follow up on paper work, to the final conclusion. I feel that I got the best representation, and could not have had a better outcome. It was exactly what I had hoped for. The counseling was superb and the execution was excellent. In the future you will be the first person I call for legal advise.


Mr. Patrick Barone,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a better than expected outcome on the 2 cases you handled for me. You did a outstanding job, handling every aspect of the cases in a professional and highly confident manner. I would recommend you to others in need of legal help.


I contacted Mr. Patrick Barone after being arrested for my third drunk driving offense within seven years. The third charge carried a felony conviction and my concern prompted me to find the best defense attorney I could find. Previously, I had secured an attorney through the courts but this time I knew I could not rely on just any court-appointed attorney.

 We prepared for my case well in advance. During the preparation process, Mr. Barone kept me informed of all my rights and was completely up front about the type of punishment I would be facing. He also advised me of all the measures I should take to ensure a positive outcome. He shared knowledge gained from many years of experience that ultimately helped me find some peace of mind during a very tumultuous time. I was very grateful for this.

 When it came time for my pre-trial, Mr. Barone successfully negotiated a plea bargain that dropped my charge from a third time felony offense to a second offense misdemeanor. This victory saved me from facing some serious jail time in addition to a felony charge. But Mr. Barone was not done.

 Before my sentencing date, he drafted a six-page Sentencing Memorandum, which made a very strong case for rehabilitation as opposed to jail time. In the Memorandum, Mr. Barone cited several previous cases that set precedents for alternatives to lengthy jail time. I did not know what effect this would have on the outcome of the case, but it proved to be a powerful force in the courtroom.

 On my sentencing date, Mr. Barone spoke gallantly on my behalf, referencing the Sentencing Memorandum while emphasizing a strong recommendation for leniency. When he was finished, the judge paused in silence for a good five minutes before saying, and I quote, �Mr. X, your attorney has done a very thorough job. It�s not every day I receive a Sentencing Memorandum. You should be thanking him today.�

 With that, the judge handed down a relatively light sentence with no jail time. I cannot describe the feelings of relief that swept over me. I owe Mr. Barone for his wise counsel and unparalleled skill in the courtroom. He not only gave me a chance for freedom but he gave me the strength and confidence I needed to get through this painful ordeal.

Thank you Patrick - A.V

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"I found Mr. Barone to be very personable as well as professional and knowledgeable with regard to the laws relating to my case.  Although the outcome of my case resulted in a guilty plea, I do believe that Mr. Barone provided the best representation he could provide, all factors considered, and I am greatly appreciative of the time and effort he invested on my behalf to obtain the fairest plea agreement available.  I have recently had discussions with other defendants in similar cases who have/had representation from other counsel, and if I had any lingering doubts with respect to the representation of Mr. Barone, they were quickly erased when I discovered how much more, in terms of penalties, others incurred.


You made me feel comfortable from the start and made me feel that you had a high level of interest in my case, and I think that was key in my decision to retain your services.  I felt like you had time for me.  Don't lose that!"

Dear Pat,

Both of us would like to sincerely thank you for your excellent representation of my case.
We consider the outcome was excellent.  We never expected such a lenient sentence.
Thanks for your help, Again

(During my jury trial) Patrick presented a cogent and effective cross examination, effectively fleshing out all the exculpatory aspects of my stop. He concluded with a compelling and metaphorically vivid closing argument, which clearly undermined the prosecution�s capacity for rebuttal.

Patrick arrived at court (for trial) arrayed with such a complement of computer and related equipment that the judge inspected it during the lunch break.

Patrick stands as a final refuge against overly zealous law enforcement.


Dear Pat

Both of us would like to sincerely thank you for your excellent representation of my case.  We consider the outcome was excellent.  We never expected such a lenient sentence.

Thanks for your help, again.