Headlines Marketing Corporation

Headlines Marketing was founded in 1991 by William C. Head to create marketing programs for numerous legal related projects, including DrunkDrivingDefense.com.  “Headlines” is also working with a group of America’s top civil litigation attorneys on a NATIONAL web directory of the best American lawyers in this prestigious field of civil practice.

Headlines Marketing publishes seminar materials, conducts criminal law and practice seminars for criminal defense attorneys ONLY (no prosecutors allowed) and was the first organization to sponsor advanced-level training courses for criminal defense attorneys.  These courses include programs on NHTSA SFST’s (standardized field sobriety tests) used by the police in most DUI / DWI / OUI / OWI arrests (both the Student and Instructor courses), a comprehensive Blood and Urine Testing Course for Criminal Defense Lawyers, a Crime Lab Tour video [of an actual working laboratory conducting blood tests and urine tests for forensic (crime) purposes].  See www.duiseminars.com.