Arrested for Drunk Driving in MICHIGAN?

If your DWI / OUIL / UBAL / OWI / OUIN case is pending in Michigan, keep reading. If your case is pending in another state visit our map to locate a drunk driving defense attorney in your state. provides you with comprehensive information about Michigan drunk driving laws, Michigan Administrative License Suspension & Revocations, Driver License Restoration Cases plus exclusive links to eminently qualified drunk driving defense attorneys in every state.

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WARNING! If you refused to take a breath, blood or urine test after being arrested for DWI / UBAL / OUIL / OWI / OUIN or another drinking related charge in Michigan, your license may be at risk of being suspended if you do not take appropriate action to demand an administrative hearing within 14 business days after your arrest. Get more information about saving your driver's license NOW before it's too late. If your arrest was in a state other than Michigan, your license also may be at risk. To learn more about protecting your license if your arrest was not in Michigan, visit our national map of DUI / DWI attorneys to locate a drunk driving defense lawyer in your state.

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